Amelia Canty

First Class BA (Hons) graduate in journalism

Canada's CN Tower gets $21 million revamp

The CN Tower sits at 553 metres in Toronto, Canada’s largest city. For many years, it was the world’s tallest freestanding tower before being superseded by the Burj Khalifa in 2010.

The Canada Lands Company, a federal Crown corporation that owns and operates the CN Tower, recently announced a $21 million (£12.4 million) investment to modernize the tower’s outdoor terrace level, maximize indoor viewing capacity and improve accessibility.

The newly renovated space will also feature state-of-the-

Leeds students set up women's group 'The right to walk'

Following the tragic rape and murder of Sarah Everard in March, there has been a national debate surrounding attitudes towards women’s safety.

Leeds students, Emily Vause and Melissa Dawson, have set up a women’s community group through Leeds University called ‘The right to walk’.

It was formed after their own frightening experiences highlighted to them the importance of having strong female friendships. They aim to provide a support network for any women that want to share their own experienc